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Quantum Journey to the Past, Present and Future:

Akashic and Shamanic Experiences and Techniques

February 21st to 23rd, 2020

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM 


9:00 AM – 5:30 PM 
5:30 PM Dinner on-site 
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

9:00 AM  -  2:30 PM 

(The agenda will be sent upon registration.) 
Breakfast includes Tea & Coffee
Healthy Organic Lunch & Dinner Included


Fee:  $395 + $100 for Akashic Record Reading

$100 for Akashic Record Reading: This is only for those who have never had a reading with Leigh Kapps.

Program Description

This unique retreat takes you into the Akasha through prayer, rhythmic sound, and shamanic journeys. In these experiences you will receive direct communication and connection with your Guide. You will also receive an activation of your pineal gland (gateway to the quantum body) to promote intuitive development. The shamanic journeys will take you into the Upper Realm to visit a sacred healing center and to meet your Elders, with whom you planned this lifetime. You will travel into the Lower World to retrieve your power animal and learn about its significance.


In advance of the retreat, you will receive an akashic record reading (an $100 additional cost), at which time the instructor will capture the essence of your guide’s appearance and persona. At the retreat, in sacred ceremony, you will receive a digital rendering of your Guide’s image and a message for the entire group.

You will learn about the Rays of Light and which of the 7 Rays you have come in on, and its significance. Also, you will learn about major archetypal forms of energy and ways in which you have engaged with these energy forms across your timeline.

Gifts Participants will Receive:

  • Digital Image of your guide

  • A scarf of the color of your Ray

  • An individualized Akashic Record Reading (in advance of the class)

  • Prayer to open up your own Akashic Records

  • Journey to Sacred Garden CD

Wisdom and Knowledge the Participants will Receive:

  • A message from your Guide

  • A message for the group

  • Additional communication and connection with your Guide

  • Their Ray of Light and its significance

  • Their Power Animal and its significance

  • Activation of your Pineal Gland

  • Meeting of your Elders in the Upper World

  • Transmission of healing energy in the Upper Realm

  • Akashic Archetypes

  • An expressive arts representation of your quantum field – past/present/future

Your Instructors
Leigh Kapps, PhD

Leigh Kapps is a gifted certified Akashic Record reader who utilizes the information from each person’s unique records to facilitate soul growth and karmic relationship balancing. She reveals past life experiences to enhance present-day spiritual revelation, creating conscious awareness for future planning and greater spiritual attainment. She provides individualized Akashic Record readings and conducts group workshops, revealing knowledge from spiritual guides in addition to a rendering of each guide. She also provides ancestral and past life clearing sessions using training techniques from John Newton. She currently resides in South Florida and is the author of the book “Catch Some Rays and Spin Those Chakras”.

Paula Petry, PhD

Paula Petry is a gifted certified shamanic energy medicine practitioner who draws upon her Spirit guides, angelic forces, and the Earth Grandmothers to help individuals align with their inner truth and soul’s desire, a theme of her book, “A Mother’s Courage to Awaken.” Paula is also a certified Akashic Record reader and conducts women’s retreats and conferences, weaving together energy medicine, the expressive arts, and sound healing. Paula resides in Cooperstown, NY and is a co-owner of the Light of Heart Sanctuary, the former St. Matthew’s church, near Sharon Springs, NY.

Fee:  $395 + $100 for Akashic Record Reading

Location: Private home in Vero Beach

Lodging: There is a wide array of lodging options in Vero Beach, including motels, hotels, Airbnb and VRBO rentals. If you need a suggestion, email Leigh Kapps 

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