You will journey into your Sacred Garden, a place in nature—a place of healing and personal power. A place where all the elements are alive: the plants, animals, stones, and whales and dolphins. As such, you are able to interact with them in whatever way feels right. They may respond nonverbally, able to sense their communication but not necessarily hear them.

While in your Sacred Garden, you will use your imagination to create the garden to your desire. If you want a bed of tulips, you can imagine them and they will appear. Same for a field of sunflowers or a majestic waterfall or a bridge crossing a wide stream. Perhaps you want a cabin in the woods with a wide front porch surrounded by animals.

I first learned about the Sacred Garden during a shamanic energy medicine course taught by Dr. Hank Wesselman. Each day we journeyed to our garden. On the first day of class, my garden was quite barren with little vibrancy. On day five of the program, my garden was quite different, as so was I. It was greener, more flowers, streams of water, a beautiful bridge crossing a wide stream, a house with comfortable chairs for me to rest. As my inner world changed throughout the course so did my garden. And as my garden changed so did my outer world. It was if everything in my garden was some aspect of myself or my life experiences. By changing the symbols within my inner world, something was shifting in my outer world. I felt more at peace with myself—more in flow with life.

By journeying to your Sacred Garden regularly, you will build your personal power by placing your focused attention on the desired objects within your garden. Remember that energy flows where your attention goes, thus with time, it will have the power to attract that experience/desire into your outer life.

In the case of a disease or illness, you can create an antidote for your illness in your garden and put focused attention there regularly. Hold the faith long enough for the magic to transpire.

Length: 10:02

Introduction & Journey to Your Secret Garden


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