Dr. Petry is a naturally talented speaker who has inspired thousands of people through her authentic, invigorating, and inspirational messages. Following her presentations, people are mobilized to take action that align with their inner passions, dreams, and desires. Her rigorous evaluation methods have consistently shown significant positive changes in participant’s level of joyfulness and mindfulness and a decrease in medical symptoms. 

Dr. Petry can design your retreat, identifying multiple very talented speakers and healers, as she does for the Women’s Summit at the Family Network on Disabilities, Inc. annual conference.

She can also tailor a presentation or workshop specifically for your group. The presentation topics listed are the most frequently requested. Most presentations include elegant Powerpoint visuals. Whether there is an audience of executives, health care professionals, teachers, or parents, Paula with her enlightening facts, spiritual truths, and personal accounts will shift the way the participants see their lives, their futures, and themselves for the better. 

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