Energy Medicine is based on the understanding that any physical, mental, or behavioral problem has a counterpart in the body’s energies and can be treated at that level.

Every conceivable health problem, psychological challenge, or dysfunctional habit can be improved, if not overcome, by intelligently shifting the energies in the body that are maintaining that condition. 

Paula’s individual energy illumination sessions result in:  

  • A renewed sense of hope 

  • Less ache and pain 

  • Release from limiting beliefs and associated behavioral patterns 

  • Release from unhealthy relationships that contribute to negative patterns

  • Lowered stress which exacerbates all chronic illnesses

  • Increased focus, clarity and productivity 

  • Increased ability to take actions that are life affirming 

  • Incorporation of mindfulness practices into the individual’s lifestyle has been shown to lower stress, lower chronic pain, lower levels of cortisol, lower blood pressure and increase immune system.

Energy medicine is based on the following understandings:  

  • We have a consciousness, an inner self that is connected to a larger world of spirit. This truth can be experienced by anyone and energy medicine facilitates this knowing. For many people this increases their sense of safety, reducing fear and anxiety which are great contributors to stress.  

  • Our body has an auric field, subtle energies that reside in and around the body, that can be upgraded to promote health and well-being. 

  • Our body holds trauma and their associated limiting beliefs. These can be identified and released from the body through energy medicine processes.     

  • Our body has a natural desire to restore itself to homeostasis.  Learning to listen and respond to one’s body is curative and preventive.

  • Our thoughts and beliefs have an impact on our well-being.  Shifting limiting beliefs to affirming beliefs creates new neuro pathways which results in increased freedom to make healthy life choices.  Limiting beliefs can be shifted through integrative right/left brain processes.  

  • Our consciousness has an impact outside of our body. We have the ability to direct our mind/intention to promote well-being in ourselves and others.  

  • Connecting with nature is healing and aligned with who we are as energy beings. 

  • Food is information.  It directs our mind and body to do or not to do specific things.  Understanding food choices from this perspective increases one’s ability to align food choices with your desired health outcomes.

What Happens During the Initial Session 

In an initial energy medicine session Dr. Petry first completes a standard intake process with you. This flows into a conversation about your expectations for the session(s) and in general what motivated you to seek assistance.  Paula explains the general process and you are given the opportunity to ask questions. 

She then begins an informal chat. During this process, the underlying emotion related to your interest in the energy session is discussed.  Once the emotion is identified, you are asked to remember an earlier time in life when he felt similar. She is then asked to go back to an even earlier time. The majority of clients easily trace the emotion back to childhood. Their awareness of a limiting emotional/behavioral pattern emerges from this process. This awareness greatly contributes to increased emotional freedom.      


As the memories are activated you are asked to identify where that emotion lives in the body, where you feel it in the body.  Most clients can immediately identify the area of their body, i.e. heart, stomach, head. Those with generalized anxiety often state that they feel it everywhere. The purpose of this process is to create an awareness of the emotional/behavioral pattern and to activate the negative/heavy energy in the body so it can be released through the healing process.  

Next as you visualize healing energy entering through your crown chakra with each breath, Dr. Petry calls upon her spirit guides and yours.  She enters non-ordinary time which facilitates her ability to ‘see’ your auric field and remove existing non-beneficial energies. Through the power of intention and spiritual assistance, heavy energies are lifted from the body through the chakra portals. This part of the session can take from 20 to 60 minutes. Rhythmic sounds and scents help in the process.

The session ends with a discussion about your experience, and the recommendations that may have come during the session.

Sessions are 90 minutes in length.  

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