Our mind/brain is wired to circle us back to the behaviors, circumstances, people, and places where we have already been. Repeating the very things that we were hoping not to. Although we make external changes, we find ourselves in the same relationship, with the same boss, empty bank account, and frenzied schedule. 

Is it time to travel down a new path? A path that opens from a deep place within—answering the call to your soul’s desires. 

With Soul Inspired Coaching, Dr. Petry connects you with your higher Self – with that part of you that has been with you through eternity—to seek guidance on the unresolved questions/issues in your life: employment, relationships, finances, health, children. Paula facilitates this connection through a special guided meditative journey or by opening your Life Book, also called your Akashic Records. Follow-up coaching sessions are available to assist you in implementing the recommendations/guidance. Concrete steps are laid out with strategies on how to implement them effectively. 

Paula’s Soul Inspired Coaching gives you unexpected insights, comfort, and an inner peace/reassurance. As you successfully implement your action plan, you will experience high levels of confidence, satisfaction, and joy. 

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